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Friday, March 18, 2011

grocery outlet.

A 'gross out' as my dad calls it just opened up here in Fremont. While I wouldn't do all my shopping there.. you can luck out sometimes which is why I like to stop in now & then. This is my bounty from today!

Barenaked cereal: $1.99
Snickers marathon energy bars: $2.99
3# bananas: $1.99
Mixed greens: $1.79
Crystal light lemonade packs: $0.99
Roasted red pepper hummus: $1.99
Chicken sausages: $2.99

Plus I had a $3 off coupon of my whole purchase. Not too shabby!
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breakfast: vitatop with tsp peanut butter cream cheese (TJs - delish!) & coffee
lunch: 2 pieces bbq chicken musubi from ohana hawaiian bbq (rice, chicken & seaweed)
dinner: "bangers & mash" using the chicken sausages i bought earlier, frozen mashed potatoes from TJ's (SO EASY - you microwave the 'medallions', then mash them with a fork. no additional seasoning needed. get them! NOW!), and caramelized onion gravy (recipe here), and i surrounded the plate with a mixture of steamed peas, corn and carrots. yummy!
late night snack: 1/2 guinness, hummus & pretzel crisps, handful chex muddy buddies (i also got these at grocery outlet for kris' friends.. good thing they'll be gone by tomorrow or i'd be in trouble)

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K A T A . said...

OMG!! My dad LOVES grocery outlet, so I went with him recently cause a new one opened in Concord and I was surprised to find a lot of soy and vegan foods there!! I've definitely been shopping there for my vegan diet. So much cheaper than Whole Foods, that's for sure!!