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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

day 2

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!
i have to say, i spent a lot of time thinking about how i promised to blog my menu again... so i think it helped. kind of.

vegan cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic (it was uh-mazing.. and i don't even feel bad)

homemade superfood (recipe below.. kinda)
1 cup multigrain cheerios
handful hemp plus granola

4 ritz crackers (i forced myself to stop)

barbacua salad from chipotle
10 tortilla chips

not too shabby... in the morning i actually did make myself coffee, but was feeling so crappy that i didn't drink it. and.. note: when i ate the cheerios and granola, what i REALLY wanted was a big fat bowl of cookies. but i held back, and was really proud of myself.

I HEART SUPERFOOD!!!! my superfood smoothie didn't turn out quite as well as i would have hoped.. but i think that's because my ratios were off. i needed more OJ and less frozen fruit. it was kinda watery-tasting.

2 cups mixed frozen fruit (i used a blend of strawberries, banana, mango, & papaya)
1 cup OJ
1 1/2 teaspoon spirulina powder (this is what makes the odwalla superfood green!)

put fruit and juice in blender, and gradually add spirulina powder while blending is going. i was worried it would clump, so i mixed it with some juice and poured it in. i'll adjust my ratio next time, but overall this was my attempt to stop spending $3 for the odwalla drinks at the store.

hasta manana!


You can call me, Hammy said...
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You can call me, Hammy said...

Those vegan cinnamon rolls are DELICIOUS! My vegan boss brought some in for us a couple months ago for our staff meeting and it was super yum!

Good luck, Jen! I'll be over here cheering for you while snacking on Cookies. ;) hee hee hee. Just kidding.

(sorry about the first comment. It had a typo)

jennifer said...

lol. no worries - you know how i feel about typos. thanks for the support!