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Thursday, March 10, 2011

day off..

thursdays are my day off.. so they're usually spent not doing anything. considering i did some studying, finished 2 assignments AND ran errands makes me feel accomplished. so what if i woke up at 10:30 to start my day?

greek yogurt w/ raspberry preserves
pretzel crisps w/ hummus

16oz "skinny" mocha @ starbucks
tiramisu cake pop (it was FREE!)

missed lunch because i was studying at starbucks then running errands...

mixed green salad w/ TJ's tuscan italian dressing
steaks with port reduction and blue cheese
confetti rice pilaf with flaxseed
sauteed mushrooms

late night:
glass port wine (well.. i had to use the leftovers somehow... ^_^)

can you say YUM?! because dinner was amaaaaazing. for the reduction on the steak, i used raspberry preserves instead of jellied cranberry and omitted the broth (i'm sorry, but who opens up a can of broth for a couple spoonfulls?) i wasn't sure how the rice pilaf would be.. it was my first time experimenting with flaxseed. but it was so good! the only thing i changed was that i used brown basmati rice. i will definitely be making it again!

now i'm off to find more things to make with flaxseed! exciting!

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