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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

back to clinicals...

after i was sent home from my rotation both days last week for being sick, i got used to being home all day.. but today i had to return, and it was a long one. i was extremely lethargic all day - even though i got plenty of sleep! i guess i probably do need some more exercise and better nutrition in my life.. if for nothing else than to provide me with the right energy to get through my long patient-care and study days... here's what i did wrong.. maybe:

cup honey crunches & oats (TJ version) w/ almond milk
coffee w/ 3 Tbsp creamer

fiber plus bar

late lunch:
leftover chicken saltimbocca and pasta from yesterday
carrot sticks
chocolate biscotti

light dinner:
apricot 0% greek yogurt
popcorn (orville redenbacker's natural)

here's the problem with clinical days. because i know i'll be up late, i sleep in (until 10am today), so i eat breakfast around 11am. i leave the house to be at the hospital by 1pm, and we don't get a dinner break until 5:30pm.. so essentially this is my 'lunch'. then, of course, i'm hungry again when i'm on my way home at 9pm and since i know i won't be in bed until late by the time i get home an get settled, i eat a snack on my drive (yogurt and popcorn in this case)... so overall.. a weird day/screwy schedule. i don't think i'm properly fueling myself.. on a more positive note, can i take a moment to say how much i ADORE trader joe's version of honey bunches of oats??? (much less sugar and still just as delicious!).. and, of course, my almond breeze unsweetened vanilla. i mean, 40 calories for 1 whole cup?!? you can't beat that.

addendum: i just remembered that i ate a scoop of ice cream before i left the house at noon. worth it.

1 comment:

Steph said...

I'll have to try that cereal for Adam...he loves honey bunches of oats. And I <3 Trader Joe's!