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Monday, March 14, 2011

daylight savings...

ugh.. losing an hour TOTALLY sucks.. i'm super tired right now. didn't do much today.. some homework, a lot of cleaning (my oven is SPARKLING!).. and visited my parents for a bit.

leftover sugar free mocha from yesterday

deluxe turkey dog from wienerschnitzel (260 calories, 11g fat)
chocolate cake scraps from the little mermaid cake i made yesterday

salad w/ homemade ranch dressing
homemade pizza
small box raisins

1 peanut butter cookie
15 m&ms (yes, i counted)

i made the dressing because i have leftover buttermilk from my baking extravaganza yesterday.. i switched the sour cream to greek yogurt, omitted the chives, and used all dried herbs. really yummy! the pizza used trader joe's herbed pizza dough (my favorite of the 3), newman's own tomato pesto pasta sauce, sliced fresh mozzarella, shaved parmesan cheese & fresh basil. super yummy. if you haven't experimented with pizza dough yet, DO it! so cheap, easy and fun to create your own pizza!

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