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Saturday, March 12, 2011

and the weekend begins...

i'm running on very little sleep right now. because of my scatterbrainedness (i'm coining that word).. i forgot i was babysitting the boys today, and i have a cake/cupcakes to decorate...

fiber plus bar

cobb salad (using chopped up leftover chicken saltimbocca)
        mixed greens, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes,
        blue cheese crumbles, french fried onions, tuscan italian dressing
peanut butter cookie

dinner (applebee's)
2 mozzarella sticks
chicken & shrimp entree
long island iced tea

applebee's has really great options for eating healthy.. but i was limited because kris wanted to do the "2 for $20" deal. it breaks down to a lot, but the entree had the best stats of my options.. mozzarella sticks: 235 cals, 11.5 g fat, entree: 760 cals, 45 g fat (i ate about 2/3 of it). eh.. next time i'll fight for my right to choose.
fast forward to today (saturday).. and i wasn't much better... i spent my morning baking/decorating a cake and cupcakes for a little mermaid birthday party, so all i had in the AM was a sugar free mocha my mom brought me... until we went to our friend's daughter's birthday party at 3pm. note: my 'scoops' are on average 1/2 cup.. i'm pretty good at estimating (the baker in me i guess).

1 scoop pancit
2 pieces lumpia
1 grilled chicken leg
1 scoop rice
chicken & vegetable curry
2 chopped pork lettuce wraps
1 piece chocolate cake

the amusing part of my day was eating the cake, because the talented young woman kristine who made it is the one who gave me the chocolate cake recipe that i use for all my orders: when i bake it, i don't really want any, but i HAD to try kristine's! it was amazing. i can see why people rave about it when i use it.. lol. and it's so friggin easy! the only chocolate cake recipe you'll ever need.

and that's all i ate today... my stomach is punishing me now. note to self: don't skip breakfast and then load up on greasy filipino food... but oh.. so good.

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