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Friday, March 12, 2010


so anyone who knows me KNOWS i adore caffeine. in all forms. it all started with chocolate. you know.. nutella sandwiches i made for myself to take in my school lunch as a child (that's what my mom gets for leaving me to my own devices in the AM! well, that and me cutting curlers out of my hair... lol). and then in progressed to coffee when i got to college. and then i started working night shift, which meant i was drinking (and still do drink) about 2-3 cups of coffee throughout my shift.

if you're eco-conscious as i try to be.. you're probably thinking.. damn! this girl goes through a ton of coffee cups. but i don't.. because i have a bunch of reusable ones. my two favorites are:

my purple mug.. which kinda looks like this... but it's prettier, because it's purple. and purple is the best color. ^_^

i love it because it keeps my drinks hot, for like, ever. seriously. when i get off at 7am, my drink is still warm.

however, that mug is from starbucks.. and when i'm out getting my coffee at peet's whenever possible.. (oh how i wish peet's were open when i'm on my way to work).. i CANNOT in good conscience walk into peet's and ask them to please fill up my sacrilegious starbucks mug with their delicious coffee. so i got this adorable one:

in finding this picture.. i discovered they have a PURPLE one too! that one was NOT at bed bath and beyond. ugh. well at least in buying this one i donated some money to breast cancer research. that's always a good thing. i also REALLY love my giant sigg bottle... but i don't fill that with caffeine. so it's not really pertinent.

anywho.. i go through phases. i'll stop by starbucks like, every day before work and get my grande quad 2 pump nonfat mocha.. and then i'll realize how much money i'm wasting and go back to brewing my arabian mocha-java at home with trader joe's nonfat vanilla creamer.. then recently i've gotten REALLY lazy and started just bringing tea to work instead. now tea does the trick as far as the caffeine is concerned.. but i'm just getting used to the taste. i tend to drink a cup and then let it get cold. which brings me to my post. i'm just getting through the box of tazo teas i got for christmas from kris' family. i've discovered i love the chai, awake, china green tips, & passion (but that's caffeine free.. bleh). tonight i brewed myself some zen (FAIL) and earl grey (DOUBLE FAIL). i was NOT happy. but then i found a china green tips that i'd stashed in my purse. which is what i'm enjoying now.

omg. this totally brings me back to a post i did a while back of a 'tea wallet' i found that i wanted to make.. and never did. i still want to. it would be sooooooo cute.

so my question is.. any tea recommendations? right now i'd say the tazo chai is at the top of my list..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

i thought about posting every day for the past week..

and obviously i haven't. i hate my 'in between weeks' at work where it feels like i barely even get a day off because by the time i get on everyone else's normal sleep schedule.. i have to go back to work. bleh.

last night i watched 'this is it' with my grandma and then we all had dinner at my mom's. it was really nice. i need to spend more time with my grandparents. they're so funny.. even if they do repeat themselves a lot. "that michael jackson.. he is just an angel! it makes me sick to think he's dead. SICK!" -grandma at about 25 different times through the course of the movie.

whenever i'm at the computer.. this is what i look down to underneath the desk. she wants to say hi:
my important decision (in progress) for the week is deciding whether or not i want to do the san francisco half marathon at the end of july. i really think i can do it. i mean.. it's the beginning of march, which gives me almost 4 months to train. and the second half of the course has a 16-minute mile time.. something i DEFINITELY know i can do, considering the last 2 i did had 14-minute mile times. plus, it's in san francisco!!! i'm leaning towards yes.. but that means i need to organize my training crap and get my head in the game.

yes, i went there.

we'll see. hopefully i'll make my decision by the end of the week. in the meantime, i'm going to be making a white/lemon cake with mango mousse filling for david's birthday on saturday. wish me luck!