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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

work, work, work...

it's just day 2 of what will inevitably prove to be a very long week. i'm basically working sunday to sunday, with thursday off. i'll let you know if i survive.

on the bright side, i have no class next week so i can relax.. (not that my whopping 2 classes are all that difficult). at WI on last friday, i lost 1lb. for some reason, i wasn't that excited. i mean, it's great! i'm happy that i lost.. but i don't know.. i just didn't get that feeling of accomplishment. maybe i was hoping for something more?

i'll just have to keep chugging along... i think it's just that i really want to get my to my 10% and 20lbs.. like... NOW! i need to be more active too.. i haven't really done anything lately.. except a shred here and there. nothing consistent. i need to!

on the bright side, i found some fabulous snacks at trader joe's! oh, how i love that place! they're called cafe twists, and they're 30 calories each. i LOVE them.. 90 calories (2 points) for 3 of them, and they're completely satisfying for a sweet craving. ohh how i wish i had one right now. i don't bring them to work because i'll eat them all just since they're there.. without thinking about it. i also went to the farmer's market and picked up more fruit and veggies. there was a stand there - 'the hummus guy', and he was sampling all his hummus. i'm not a huge fan, being that i don't like beans, but the roasted garlic one was SUPER yummy, so i got a container of it. i had some earlier today, and i brought it with me to work with some carrots and celery.

i have to stay OP this week considering i had like a gazillion cups of guinness on saturday at the st. patty's day parade. twas fun.. although kris and i pooped out kind of early. i guess we're just getting old.


matzoball said...

that schedule sounds miserable! the cafe twists sound good. gotta love tjs!

C.G. the Foodie said...

Thanks for the tip on the cafe twists! Going to check them out when I get home!