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Monday, March 9, 2009

back on track!

i'm so proud of myself.. i have continued to track, even over the weekend when i managed to eat 2 red velvet cupcakes..

on the bright side, i found the perfect red velvet recipe!! (after one that i thought sucked.. my family said it was good- but i think they were just being nice..) that's one reason why i like baking cookies over cakes/cupcakes. i don't like my cookies, so i'm not tempted to eat them! the cake, however.. is another story. it IS fun to branch out to other baked goods..

i finally created a weight tracker for myself which i've found to be a big motivation. i've been bouncing back and forth so much since i started.. but for some reason don't realize it until i see it all mapped out for me. i would really like to feel good in a bikini this summer, but it's gonna take a ton of hard work. for example, i'm completely out of my points allowance for the week... which means i really need to work to get some AP's in.. here's hoping!

however, i have had this crazy headache all weekend where i've felt light-headed and dizzy. kris got all worried and insists that i see the doctor, so i'll go this afternoon. here's to an on point week!

btw, i added a bunch of cookies to my 'cookies 2' folder in picasa. my favorites are both my nephew's birthdays (speed racer, and cupcakes) and the turkey placecards from thanksgiving. so cute.. if i do say so myself! =)

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