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Sunday, March 22, 2009

another slow week...

as far as weight loss in concerned. down 0.2. that's okay though.. i've sworn that this is my FINAL go at WW, so i try not to let the small losses (or gains) get me down like they have in the past.

still tracking pretty well, so i'm proud of myself in that sense. i also joined the "walk across america" challenge on the WW msg boards, which has really encouraged me to get moving in the past couple days. i walked and did the shred on friday, and walked/ran yesterday, so my AP count is looking okay for this week! kris has been working out to p90 at home as well, which is encouraging (even though i don't think he needs to lose ANY weight!).

my goal this week is to be more productive with my down time. although it's been gloomy and it's tough to get motivated, i don't want spring to come full steam and open my drapes to find an ugly apartment!!! i need to do some major spring cleaning.. purging of junk i don't need!! and, there's always the gazillion crafts i'd like to do. i did some freezer paper stenciling on onesies for a girl at work who's expecting.. i'll have to post pictures, they turned out great!!!

there's always something more productive to do than eat.

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