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Thursday, March 26, 2009

food finds!! (ww saviors part 2)

I wrote this blog a while back but apparantly never posted it.. but my opinion on all these products still rings true!

food finds:

ak-mak crackers- i find these at trader joe's, but i'm sure you could find them elsewhere. i've seen them on amazon. they are SO delicious with laughing cow garlic & herb wedges. you can have 5 large crackers and a laughing cow wedge for 3 points!

smoked salmon- it's tastes decadent and amazing.. but it's still very good for you. has those fishy-heart-healthy oils and is filling as well. give me some ak-maks, a tbsp of reduced fat cream cheese and a small package of smoked salmon.. i'm in heaven!!!

cafe twists- cinnamon sugar twists from tj's. i have them with my coffee.. i think each twist runs about 1 point each, but they're very fulfilling. i have on more than one instance been able to eat just one!

freeze dried fruit- there's a few brands out there.. but i get brother's all natural packs from costco. if you're craving something crunchy... these will do it for you! the fuji apple ones are amazing, but the pack comes with strawberry/banana and asian pear too! each pack is 1 pt each.

carrots- i know these seem bleh.. normal.. but if you get some really good bunches from the farmer's market.. they're sweet and flavorful all by themselves.. no ranch dressing needed! i am known to have carrot and celery slices packed in a water-filled tupperware in the fridge at all times. the water keeps the veggies fresh and crisp for up to 2 weeks!

greek yogurt (vanilla)- protein-packed yogurt you say?! oh yeah! greek yogurt is the creamiest, most filling delicious treat. not too sweet.. but just sweet enough. throw in a couple spoonfulls of cereal, granola or berries.. and you're good to go. when i'm at home, i'll make myself little greek yogurt parfaits with all of the above. YUM!

high fiber tortilla with turkey and cream cheese- my fav. high fiber tortilla is from tj's (can you see a trend?) and i can't quite remember the brand.. but any with 1 pt each will do... spread on a tbsp of strawberry reduced-fat cream cheese (yes, strawberry) and 2 slices of turkey. add some tomato slices and a sprig of lettuce and roll, deli style. i like to cut it into pinwheels when i'm feeling fancy.. and you've got a filling, delicious snack that will run you about 2.5 points!

i will have an updated list of more recent finds soon. =)

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