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Saturday, February 28, 2009


i have been so super lazy and gross lately. it's a good thing i keep taking pictures, because it's a great way to gauge my weight loss.. or lack thereof. my goal this week is to get up off the couch - no excuses, and write down everything i eat. wish me luck!!

i did finish a few projects this week. i copied the '4-pack' ideas on tipjunkie and made a chocolate one for my girlfriend lisa. i can't wait to send it to her. i also did a cupcake cake and cookies for a friend's daughter's first birthday. the cupcake cake didn't turn out as cute as i would have liked, but the cookies are adorable! also, i spent a lot of time making fondant flowers with my new flower-shaping tools, and decorated the outside of the cake with them. plus, they made the extra batch of store-bought cake mix cupcakes i made look uber-cute.

i should be updating my picasaweb account shortly - we got a new camera! yay!

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Hammy said...

Oh Jen!! I must admit, I didn't know you had been updating this since your 1st half marathon. But I'm all caught up now and am ashamed to admit that I totally clicked on the link regarding the 4-pack and I hope you're refering to me because I am just giddy with how cute those are!! For sure I want to jump back on the weight-loss bandwagon with you! I'm excited to try some of your recipes you linked to. Also, looking at all your cookie pictures I want to know what you use to dye your icing with and what store you prefer to pick it up at.