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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling yucky today...

I don't know WHAT I ate yesterday that made me feel this gross.. but something didn't agree with me. Regardless.. I'm at work.. pushing through.

I'm working on being frugal whilst getting food that's good for me! The best place in the world to do that - farmer's market!! This weekend it wasn't the best.. but I got some good stuff. Some baby spinach and new potatoes that looked really great. A giant bunch of parsley for $1! I think I need to make some soup. I got some carrots but no one had celery... I'll just have to get some tomorrow. I'm excited for the markets to start looking like summer.. but if it stays cold like it has been, I won't be seeing fruit anytime soon!

I have found target to be my best friend.. a lot of their stuff not on sale is a great deal.. like hostess 100 calorie packs for $3 and their archer farms products. Also, their zone bars (my breakfast of choice.. packing 15 grams of protein per bar) are only $4.50 for a 5-pack.

My food picks right now:

Freeze-dried fruit - I usually get it at Trader Joe's, but it can be kinda pricey. Costco carries Brothers All Natural, but you can also buy them online (1 point per pouch)

Yoplait Light dessert flavors - their strawberry shortcake, boston creme pie, apple turnover and pineapple upsidedown cake will kill a sweet craving for me any day (2 points each)

Zone Double Dark Chocolate bars - Sure, they're 4-5 points each, but with my coffee when I start work at night.. they're the best. The 15 grams of fiber in each bar keep me satisfied until I get my lunch break around 3am (4-5 points each)

Fuji apples - I've recently gained a newfound respect for these delicious things. They are so sweet and so juicy.. I love eating them after lunch at work.. and then I find myself not craving anything sweet. (1-2 points each)

Almond Milk - 40 calories for a cup, you can't beat it! I use it in cooking, cereal, coffee.. I'm not a milk person, so I don't drink it straight.. but I hear it's delicious! (1 point per cup)

Newton's fruit crisps - I've only had the apple cinnamon, but they are AMAZING!!! I really can't rave about these enough. I've even gotten my roommate hooked on them. They taste like.. drumroll please... McDonalds apple pies!!! It's 100 calories per package, and you get 2 of them!!! INCREDIBLE!!! (2 points per pack)

That's all folks!! I'll be back with photos of my homemade christmas gifts soon...

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