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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Make-up review, Luna Twilight palettes.

In honor of Bella's birthday.. omg. I know, I'm such a super dork.. I decided to post my make-up review of Luna Twilight's palettes inspired by the women of Twilight. When I first saw this collection come out, I freaked. I love Twilight and all things Twilight.. but everything was pretty pricy! So I held off until I found a 25% off coupon from this website.. and went to town! Okay, not really. I wanted EVERYTHING.. but I held back and got the Rosalie and Bella palettes.

As you can see, they are pretty small.. about the size of a credit card.. but they're perfect for stashing in your purse for an emergency touch up. I normally wear quite a bit of make-up, but I wanted to really be true to these colors, so I only used some clinique tinted moisterizer, a mac powerpoint (waterproof) eye pencil in 'duck', and maybelline's lash stiletto mascara in black (which i LOVE, btw).

I didn't take a picture of the Bella palette, this is Rosalie. On the left are two lip glosses, then two shadows, then a blush. Obviously very pink-toned, and the shadows are very sparkly (LOVE!). The colors were very light, and since that first try I have used the mac 'paints' to increase the pigment on the shadow. Here's me wearing Rosalie:
and closer. I really like the pink cheeks and the sparkly-ness of the shadow. The glosses aren't very dark, but that's fine with me since I'm not a lipstick-wearing kind of girl. I like them more than any other gloss I've used. They go on smooth, aren't sticky, and don't taste funny. Perfect!
Below is me wearing Bella. The shades are even more au-natural.. and 'earth-toned'. The shadows aren't quite as sparkly, and the blush is very nude. It's a perfect summer palette.. and I actually prefer the nude-toned lip glosses over the pinks of Rosalie.
Overall, I've been very pleased with them.. and I use them all the time. I would definitely recommend some sort of primer on your eyes and face to increase the pigments a bit. The shadows are pretty loose, so the powder will get on the mirror.. but that's nothing a swipe with a kleenex won't fix. It makes me smile to open up my make-up bag and see my Twilight palettes. What can I say? I have a minor obsession..
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