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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Being a baker, I've always found dieting to be daunting. A lot of people say they don't like the things they make, but I do!! And even if I don't, I still convince myself that I have to try things if I'm going to feel comfortable giving them to other people.. haha.

I've been on and off the weight watchers bandwagon many a time.. but I'm really making an effort this time and feel like communication and sharing my struggle with others is the best way to be successful. I mean, I've used the same strategy in baking, arts & crafts, etc.. so why not in getting healthy?!

I wanted to compile some of my favorite tips and treats.. as well as my struggles that I feel are fairly common amongst anyone who has had trouble with their weight (ahem... everyone?! haha). I'll keep updating as things come to me.

Oh, and I recently added some uber cute cookies to my picasa account! they are under 'cookies 2' and still need to be organized. I think I need to start making folders.. birthdays, holidays, showers, etc. with my cookie pictures. =)

check them out!

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