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Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm posting up some pictures of cookies and some other things I have made in an effort to start a bake sale benefiting the Ronald McDonald House! If you would like to "order" anything from me, for now, or even for the upcoming holiday season, I would be happy to oblige! If an outright donation is not in the cards, please consider donating in exchange for a beautiful cookie bouquet, gift basket of treats, or anything else you can come up with! I am up for the challenge!

Thanks for all of your help!

as you can see.. i have gotten progressively better with practice

i made a whole bunch of these flower pots for mother's day, but i can't find the rest of the pictures!

this was my nephew's "spongebob" themed first birthday party, we had little bags so people could take cookies home with them after.

summertime cookies! sunbathing bears, towels and flip-flops!

this bouquet has a hint of sparkle to it to give it that extra special "wedding" gleam (their wedding colors were red and white.. i could do any color scheme)

of course I had to make cookies for big sister too!

this was my first "cupcake cake" - it made for easy single servings!

this was my first fondant cake.. i'm still learning.

i made an array of pastries for a family dinner.. chocolate Γ©clairs, miniature apple strudels, ginger-molasses cookies and 5-layer bars.


Lisa said...

I LOVE trying to figure out and play with fondant... it looks so gorgeous but can be a pain.

boahboah said...

wow. those look AMAZING!

boahboah said...

boahboah is me, deb...dunno why it's boahboah...i must've used that as my username at one point or anything but i can't remember when...oh boy...