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Thursday, February 11, 2010

hello world!

yes LISA, i know it's been forever since i've updated my blog. but really, i'm not all that interesting. i mean, really, the holidays are insanity right? because on top of it being thanksgiving and christmas and new years and all that, everyone and their MOM in my family (yes, including me) decided to be born during this time of year. so honestly, my life has been full of baking, and wrapping, and baking some more.

so you've probably gathered that there hasn't been a whole lot else productive going on with me (i.e. losing weight). except maybe filling out a few hundred nursing applications and not yet getting accepted anywhere. okay, so it hasn't been a few hundred, but it sure feels like it. and may i take this moment to scream at uc berkeley for charging an arm and a leg for transcripts? $20 a piece? REALLY?!

i have been keeping my photos fairly updated with all my baking creations. my favorite one of late is a martha stewart inspired cookie wedding favor i made for my friend's bridal shower.

look at them all lined up! aren't they cute?! she's having a winter-themed wedding (hence the snowflakes) and the accent ribbon is black with white polka-dots. it took about a gazillion cookies to make them all, but i'm very proud with how they turned out! to see the original version from martha click here.

other than that, i did have the joy of finding a dress to wear to said friend's wedding without even trying all that hard! and i know that many women know what i'm talking about when i say dress shopping can either be really fun or really horrid. mostly horrid when you hate your body. needless to say, i was walking through target (can we take a moment to revel in the fabulousness that is target?!) a few weeks back and saw a merona dress i thought looked cute. it totally fit, and is perfect (at least i think so) for a winter wedding. i don't usually write reviews, but that's how much i love this dress.

i'll have to post a picture when i get all dressed up!


You can call me, Hammy said...

Cute dress! I'm looking forward to a pic of you in it.

And you know I love your cookies; they're so adorable! I'm glad you came out of hibernation for a quick post. hee hee hee

Steph said...

Aww Jen I've missed reading your blog! Your cookie-making talent is amazing. I'm hungry looking at your pictures!