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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

far too long...

It really has been far too long since I posted last. A couple of weeks ago I had a great track workout with the group... It was really encouraging to have support as I ran. Running alone isn't nearly as fun. I had planned to go to the team training that weekend but once I looked I saw it was all the way in Campbell! Unfortunately, to get up in time to make it there I would not have allowed myself a full night's sleep, and I didn't want to run tired...

What I have discovered is pretty much every time I run I'm tired. This is the problem I have working the hours that I do. You never quite catch up on your sleep, and the sleep you do get isn't very deep considering how off your sleep patterns are. The last time that I ran, I got a total of 4 miles of running in, breaking after about every mile or so. I'm really proud of that, but I'm including a clause to this sentence since that was over a week ago.

I missed the last track workout because I had a massive headache which was followed by some sort of stomach bug that seems to enjoy being in my digestive tract. Therefore, I have done nothing more than walk over the last week. I miss my team, and am considering going to the track workout tonight for the moral support, even though I don't think running is in the cards for me at the moment.

Send over good thoughts as I attempt to get back on track, and fast!!

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Stephanie said...

Hang in there Jen! Something always comes up to slow us down when we're trying to get in shape. I am also preparing for a race, however I am not nearly as ambitious as's only a 5K! But I do know how frustrating it can be to feel like you're about to die after just 1 mile! I'm rooting for you!!